A Day in the Life of Foreign Loren!

People often ask what it is like to be a full-time traveler.  And, there is no easy way to answer.  Every day is different.

Some days I get to see amazing sights, and other days I spend on cramped and uncomfortable public buses traveling from one city to the next.  Some days I walk slowly through markets, checking out wares, meeting locals, and seeing what life is like outside of the tourist spots, and other days I’m at bucket list destinations surrounded by visitors like myself.

To give friends and family a look into what long-term, budget travel looks like (for me, anyway), I decided to put together a video that follows me and my husband Craig on the road for one day.  I’d like to share it with my Foreign Loren readers too!  And, while it may not be the most exciting or best-edited video and most of the jokes probably aren’t funny to anyone except us, for me, this was a wonderful day of travel.  Some days, there is nothing better than hitting the road and not knowing exactly sure what’s going to happen next!



Original link on YouTube here.

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