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We live in a world where all of us can make a difference. And, that doesn’t mean you have to travel halfway across the world to do so. Through these posts, I hope to share ways in which you can make a difference — whether it be in the community where you live or somewhere on the other side of the world. Here, I also share my reflections on current events going on around us.


    A Compassionate Conservative Votes – Again

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since the last election.  During that time, I’ve remained in Jordan where I’ve had an outsider’s view of the Trump presidency.  In some ways, I’ve been shielded from everything going on in the White House and with American politics – the distance serves as a filter of sorts that keeps me from getting too close.  However, in other ways, I’ve seen the impact that this Administration has had internationally and the…

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  • Response

    A Compassionate Conservative Votes

    For months, I’ve been thinking of what I to say about this election.  As the campaign season has gone on (and on), and the rhetoric has become more and more divisive,…

  • Christmas at Lighthouse Camp

    FAQ — Volunteering on Lesvos

    As you may know, earlier this winter, I spent 10 days in Greece volunteering on the island of Lesvos with Lighthouse Relief, assisting asylum seekers who were arriving via boat from…

  • In the Women's Tent

    The Women’s Tent

    “Breathe,” I thought to myself as I crouched to the ground for the umpteenth time to frantically dig through the children’s shoe bins to find a pair of boots to put…