Charming Sharm: Weekend Escape to Sharm el Sheikh

    View of Cleopatra from the Pier

    Earlier this summer, I took advantage of a four-day weekend to explore a nearby country I had yet to visit — Egypt! As Ramadan comes to an end each year, the Muslim world celebrates Eid Al Fitr — Feast of Breaking the Fast — which marks the end of a month of fasting.  Eid also means a four-day weekend for celebrations.  To take advantage this time off of work, relax, and explore somewhere I hadn’t been before, I headed to…

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  • Response

    A Compassionate Conservative Votes

    For months, I’ve been thinking of what I to say about this election.  As the campaign season has gone on (and on), and the rhetoric has become more and more divisive,…

  • Finding Cheap Flights

    My Top Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

    During the past few months, several people have come to me for advice on finding cheap flights.  While I’m definitely not an expert, I do have a good bit of experience…